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We know that we can deliver the talent to support your business and personal ambitions.

Permanent Search

It has been apparent that the external talent pool is shrinking and only the genuinely people-focused organisations will be able to retain their best people.

From time to time, everyone has to look externally in the marketplace and when you decide to do this, we understand that you have to be able to trust your Search Partner. Long standing clients recommend us and our candidates tell us that they value how we support them.

Our role as your ambassadors is to understand the culture, ethos and of course business reason for reaching out into the world. We believe that we are reassuringly different in our style. Our pace is high and we think outside the box on how to reach the stand-out candidates quickly and professionally. We work in partnership with you all the way.

Interim support

Our clients periodically have needs that are short term and after two decades in the business, we have a significant network of high calibre Consultants and Associates.

Some assignments are for a fixed term basis and we can access candidates that might be looking for a longer term assignment. These can typically range from a few months to a year. We instinctively know who will fit culturally and ‘swim quickly’ and we love the challenge of sourcing that much needed support.

Examples of fixed term contracts we have been asked to cover include:

  • OD - merger/acquisition integration
  • Dedicated change/transformation support
  • Project Management
  • Reward Specialists
  • Generalist HR and extended absence cover such as maternity leave.

Market Mapping

Sometimes clients are in a position to get ahead of the talent curve and undertake a benchmarking exercise.

Our service offers the chance to help you identify trends, patterns and emerging shifts in your sector. We can help you to identify your next talent pool and track identified candidate progress. This will ensure great long term candidate engagement and avoid critical talent gaps in your development planning.


Leadership & Career Coaching

We work with a cohort of dedicated, qualified coaching professionals who bring unrivalled expertise, insight and results orientation to shape and guide your talent. As examples, projects have included the following:

Coaching Pathways – the first 100 days

It is critical to land your talent in the right way. Line Managers sometimes don’t have the time to give new recruits this focus and our coaches can help with mentoring and interaction. This can also include 360’ feedback after three months in the role.


Leading & Managing Remotely

Leading remotely is here to stay. Sometimes it’s not easy for people to manage their teams remotely and different skills are required. Managing performance, already a challenge for many, becomes more difficult and stressful, engaging new team members and keeping the team connected can stretch usually capable Managers. Our coaches create a safe space to review progress and build those all-important development plans.

Making an Impact

Change and transformation have resulted in Leaders needing to shift emphasis to step up and keep pace. Coaching individuals in a tailored way allows them to reach their potential and deliver visible results.

Organisational design

Whilst the world has been in a state of flux and change, everything about organisations has shifted.

Digitalisation, Covid, Environmental and Governance issues can all be thrown into the melting pot, contributing to an unprecedented need for transformation. Organisations have had to change and evolve.

We partner with exceptional OD specialists and we can help you to realign and refine your organisation and cultural drivers to maximise Company performance. Roles will change and evolve or potentially disappear. Others will emerge requiring different skills. We all need to relearn, flex and understand different ways of working in newly aligned, restructured organisations. Deloitte recently commented that only 8% of People Directors believed that Organisations had the skills needed to move forward.



Remuneration benchmarking

From time to time, you may have senior roles to benchmark which are so unique that they don’t fall neatly into any generic salary survey data.

This may be to do with sector or specialism. We work with experienced Reward specialists who can provide the market intelligence for you to benchmark roles. This is reassuring and will give you the confidence to know that your remuneration strategy is competitive to both attract and retain the very best talent. The data will ensure that you stay ahead of the curve with your talent pool.