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Permanent HR Search

Permanent HR SearchOur expertise lies in senior level HR appointments across the HR model.

Engage us and you will immediately see that we are reassuringly different in several ways:

  • Our expertise – we are HR specialists ourselves and have previously led HR functions in large businesses. Consequently, we are able to view needs and pressures from a client’s perspective.
  • Our knowledge – when we launched in 1996, we were ahead of the curve and identified a gap in the market for niche, specialist HR search. We have a vast candidate network and a breadth of industry sector exposure to draw on.
  • Our tenacity – the ideal candidate is out there and we will work to find that person.
  • Our client philosophy– we treat all clients and candidates as unique and deserving of the finest level of care and service.
  • Our drive for continuity – clear, precise and timely communication from an appointed Director who will lead the campaign from start to finish.

On a more practical level, our clients tell us they value:

  • Our Scoping Meetings which give meaning and context to the role and ensure that we convey a compelling message and story/career opportunity to potential candidates.
  • Our highly professional Assignment Briefs which enthusiastically convey the merits and potential of the client’s business and the specific position.
  • Our experienced Research Team with proven expertise to precisely identify the right candidate for a position.
  • Our authentic market and candidate insights.Judging chemistry fit is what we do really well.

In short, we aim for both client and candidate experiences to be exemplary with each step and stage. We try not to leave anything to chance and never accept compromise.